10% discount on use of Metro card in DTC, cluster buses

Commuters of the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) can now use the Delhi Metro card for travelling in DTC and cluster buses in the city. The Cabinet today approved 10 per cent discount in the fares on usage of the Delhi Metro card for travelling in the DTC and cluster buses through electronic ticketing machines (ETMs).

The decision has been taken to encourage more and more people to opt for public transport, thus contributing towards a clean environment.

On an average, 30 lakh passengers use the services of stage carriage buses (DTC 3882 and cluster 1679). However, the use of Metro card in realising the fares through ETMs will save expenditure on account of printing of tickets of different denominations, stocking the tickets at central place and on their distributions to various depots, etc.

As per the government, saving of human resources and space at depot level are other benefits. The conductors of the buses will not be required to handle the different denominations block of tickets and cash.

In such scenario, the conductors may concentrate more on checking ticketless travelling. At the time of close of the duty, the conductor and the cashier at depot level may maintain and check the operational details more effectively and quickly.

The DTC is presently getting support from government in the form of grant-in-aid and subsidy component on passes. Similarly, the Delhi government is bearing the viability gap to meet the deficit between the actual payment which is being made to the concessionaire and revenue (mainly by the fare collection)

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