Friendship is special kind of love

Friendship is a special kind of love, more than true and more than endless. So if you have your friends, take care of them, and treat them like a treasure. Because dealing a problem with your friends become easy. when you truly find a friend, you become lucky for life.

What does the word “FRIENDSHIP” means? Could you tell me? I really don’t know. I’ve faced so many challenges and obstacles just to understand how friendship works, but then I failed.

Friends may have different lifestyles live in different places. It’s easy to find a friend, but looking for a best friend is hard. To think, all the people you know are your friends, but a best friend is really hard to find. It’s so easy to be a pal, a buddy, a companion, or an acquaintance, but to be a best friend means so much more. The qualifications of being a friend are very high for an ordinary to reach. For me, a friend is someone special to you.

I’ve realized that some people are fortunate enough to meet a person with whom they share a lasting friendship. Even though they each may follow separate paths, the thoughts, the memories, and the times they’ve shared with each other wil always remain as a treasure in their minds and their hearts. Wherever you may go or whatever will happen to you, those special memories will never be forgotten. Because as much as you love your friends, your friends will reward you back the effort, the love, and the care you’ve given to them

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