NH-24(Delhi-Noida), The highway of corruption

According to traffic rules only 3 passengers are are allowed in a auto rickshaw (4 including drivers ), But here at NH-24 traveling in auto is quite different 7 passengers which is made for 3 passengers( 8 including driver).

What’s the reason for having seven passengers in a three passengers auto ?

We investigated several auto drivers to find out the truth.

They told us that the main reason behind it is the corruption by police department.
Police department is so much corrupted abd they took so much money as follows.
1) They collect 4000 monthly from them as a basic money to let them drive in delhi to noida sector 62.
2) They told me that ZO take 500-1200 as entry. They have to give entry at the places where they stop auto to fill passengers. They told me currently ZO demanding 1200 and he’ll be transferred after two months.
3) One day rent of a auto is 800-1000, lol it’s lots more than my salary.

Joke apart, they told us that the main reason which don’t let them follow safety rules is the police department themselves.
I also informed traffic department about these auto drivers on social media, they respond back with a answer that they will intimate the area handler about these. But after some days what they did is nothing then i sent them a message again but this time they didn’t responded and i realized that what they can do if each and every person is corrupt. Each person who travel on NH-24 knows about this issue, All media houses, local politicians etc.

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