Raksha Bandha-a special Festival. Thanks God for giving me my sisters.

The word Raksha means protection, while Bandhan is the verb to tie. It is an ancient Hindu festival that ritually celebrates the love and duty between brothers and their sisters. The festival is most common among the Hindus. However, it is also celebrated by the Sikhs, Jain’s and other communities. Raksha Bandhan reinforces the love between brother and a sister. It is the duty of every brother to protect his sister. The sister prays for the well-being, success, and safety of her brother. The brother promises to safeguard his sister under all circumstances. It helps to build a healthy family relationship. This festival are the traditional in our country also raksha bandhan celebrate in others country’s.

Raksha bandhan is an ancient concept where queens used to send rakhi is to their neighborhood brothers as a sign of love and token of brotherhood. But now the concept has totally changed in itself.

Today what is observed mostly is sisters tie rakhi on their brother/s wrist and pray for their well-being. The brothers promise to take care by saving her from ups and downs in her life. Raksha bandhan usually falls on the full moon day or Purnima of the Shravan month as per the Hindu calendar. The festival has several rituals, which differs all around the world.

Celebrate- The festival is celebrated in different forms in different areas and is also known by different names. As per traditions, on this day the sister prepares the Puja Thali with a Diya, Rice, Roli and Rakhis. She worships the Gods, ties Rakhi to her brother and prays for his well-being. In return the brother accepts the love with a promise to protect her sister and gives her a gift. Traditionally, they then share and eat sweets like Kaju Katli, Jalebi, and Burfi. This festival strengthens the bond of love between the sisters and brothers.

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