Talent or Experience ?

Most job adverts you see today will explain that you require years experience, two, five, ten years of experience. Are years of experience needed?

Many companies claim that they hire people with potential talent, but, in reality, hiring managers and companies tend to be preselecting candidates based on their years of experience. But talent has nothing to do with experience. Take time to learn why it is better to focus on hiring people based on their skills and talents as apposed to on their years of experience.

Employers can be clueless about candidate’s talent & skills when they are seen to have no experience. A common phrase I hear is “hit the ground running” from employers and is something I would call a clueless phrase. It’s a Military analogy. Don’t screen out people because they lack those 10 keywords, buzzwords or Boolean words you search for.

People without years of experience love the challenge of new opportunities and are more driven to work harder, proving a trust with you the employer with the chance to develop and grow professionally.

Employees can see this differently but to not have a persons mind “clouded” on past experiences, it can create outside the box thinking and different views on ongoing challenges. They will come up with solutions that someone with experience would perhaps think based on there past and what has previously happened before.

Keep in the frame of things that, because they constantly have to prove themselves to compensate for their lack of experience! Those without experience most certainly will demonstrate skills in areas that are highly important too your company, such as relationship building, finding new ways to work more efficiently, and developing proactive approaches when it comes to their job and that’s 10/10 key.

They will become loyal employees that will work hard, having a higher degree of enthusiasm and willingness to make their presence have a positive impact on your company. Not to mention they will inevitably stay generally longer once fitted and comfortable in the position.


Hiring Managers can use Artificial Intelligence to find required years experienced candidates in seconds or to find someone with “5 years experience”. Only by putting trust and taking a risk into someone to gain experience will it prevent you from missing out on talent that could bring the right ideas to your company and make you a fortune or furthermore help you to be more successful than before.

See this as a refreshing insight to an old covered topic. Food for thought and thanks for reading.

By jamie

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