What things you should learn never to do?

  1. Never share your aims and goals with others.
  2. Never let people know how hard you’re working, make your success look effortless.
  3. Never get emotional with someone who isn’t too close to you.
  4. Never let go of your self-respect but always let go of your ego. There is a fine line between the two.
  5. Never be available to a person all the time. People tend to take things which come easily , for granted
  6. Never hurt your parents for others. You might get a replacement for that person in your life but your parents will never find a replacement for you.
  7. Never speak too much. The less you talk, the more it is valued.
  8. Never fail to appreciate a person who deserves it. You’ll find the happiness in it once you start doing it.
  9. Never waste your life living others dreams.
  10. Never share your success with people who won’t be happy about it.

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